Welcome Home.

Saloniki is our tribute to the humble Greek sandwich shop. We’ve sought to bring the flavor and quality of the Greek kitchen to the US. Saloniki is built on the concept of “filoxenia”—legendary Greek hospitality. We hope that Saloniki will create wonderful experiences and lasting memories for our guests.

Saloniki Partner, Chef Jody Adams, is a two-time James Beard Award Winner! 

Meet The Team

We’re the founders of Saloniki Greek. We love hospitality, and we appreciate the chance to share our story with you. We started Saloniki so that everyone could taste the flavors of Greece in a fun, energetic atmosphere. We wanted to source the best possible ingredients and, staying solely in the greek flavor profile, cook the best possible food we could. For us, this has been a journey of discovery, friendship and flavor. We hope you enjoy.