photo with Greek Easter bread and easter eggs scattered on a table

Celebrate Greek Easter with Saloniki in Boston, MA

This year, Greek Easter – more commonly known as Orthodox Easter – is celebrated on Sunday, April 24, 2022. The date of Greek Orthodox Easter is based on a modified Julian calendar, and the Christian Easter is based on a Gregorian calendar. Because of this, the festivities typically do not happen simultaneously.

The Christian holiday of Easter is celebrated in early spring, and Orthodox Easter is celebrated almost a month later. In 2022, Greek Orthodox Easter is celebrated only a week after most Western churches celebrate Easter. Keep reading below to learn more about Greek Easter traditions. Also, find where to celebrate with friends and family in Boston, MA.


Greek Easter and Time with Family

Orthodox Easter weekend for Greek communities is when people make their way to the homes of friends and relatives to celebrate the day. The traditional foods include grilled smoked pork, various cheeses, and soups made with sweetmeats and finished with delicious Greek Easter cookies and bread. Finish these off with a Greek wine to ensure the feast lasts through the night.

After the night of celebration, everyone is up early on Easter Sunday morning for continued festivities. The Easter meal is truly a feast. On a quieter note, Easter Monday is a more relaxed day when everyone gets ready to return to work and/or school. Read below for some ways to celebrate in Boston, MA, today.


Celebrate Easter with Saloniki Greek

At Saloniki Greek, we have locations across the city with different exciting features for you to take advantage of this Easter and Spring season. At Saloniki, we select our vendors carefully, and we stay as local as possible to bring you authentic Greek cuisine this holiday. What better place to celebrate this Greek holiday than with Saloniki? We’ve sought to bring the flavor and quality of the Greek kitchen to the US. We are built on the concept of “philoxenia,” legendary Greek hospitality. Saloniki Greek in Harvard serves various Greek beers, Greek wines, and even Greek cocktails that you can celebrate Greek Easter with this year!

The Fenway location in Boston, MA, has brought an authentic Greek kitchen to the Red Sox region. Saloniki will create beautiful experiences and lasting memories for our guests this Greek Easter. Bring your family and friends to celebrate Greece in a fun, energetic atmosphere. We source the best possible ingredients, stay solely in the Greek flavor profile, and cook the best possible food, this is worth the visit! Come to our Fenway location in Boston, MA, today or call us at 617.266.0001.

Lastly, our MIT/Central Square location of Saloniki Greek is our tribute to the humble Greek sandwich shop. The MIT/Central location has sought to bring the flavor and quality of the Greek kitchen to the city of Boston; come to our MIT location today or call us at 617.714.5152.