Check Out Our On-The-Go Greek Cocktails in Boston, MA 

Not many places in Boston, MA will offer you on-the-go crafted Greek cocktails for you to show up to your dinner party, office gathering, or birthday party in style. Greece, our inspiration, has always been farm-to-table.


At Saloniki, we select our vendors carefully, and we stay as local as possible. We want to provide you with authentic Greek uniqueness, with on-the-go cocktails and farm-to-table delicacies. Read below to learn more about our cocktails on the go and where you can find them! 



Named after one of our favorite Greek islands, Mykonos, this delicious fruit cocktail is made with Reposado tequila. Added in with a little bit of lemon juice, peach, and topped off with Thai chili, this cocktail can’t be missed. Get it at Saloniki Greek in Fenway, Harvard, or MIT today! 



Rita-Ritaki is a delicious combination of our house tequila with tsipouro, an unaged Greek brandy that is made by distilling the residue of grapes left over from the wine pressing process. Typically, it produces a strong spirit of 40-45%. This cocktail is topped with lime and honey.


Saloniki Daiquiri

A daiquiri in the winter may be the perfect thing to get us all through to the warmer months. Our popular saloniki daiquiri consists of a light white rum to give it that delicious tropical flavor, with lime juice and simple syrup with bitters to give it a sweet finish. 


Greek Espresso Martini

Who doesn’t love a nice espresso martini in the winter? There’s nothing like a cozy coffee cocktail on the go to get you in the cold weather spirit. On top of that, our Greek espresso martini is made with the fresh Greek coffee that everyone loves. Made with vodka, nescafé, coffee liqueur, mastiha, and of course Baileys, this cocktail can’t be missed this season. 


Santorini Sangria

Lastly, our Santorini Sangria is the perfect red wine fruity mix for you to bring with you for your next gathering or date night. Made with our red wine with sour cherries, this Santorini sangria has the perfect cozy flavors with our unique Greek spice mix. Try it today at one of our Saloniki Greek locations in Boston, MA!