Greek Foods That You Should Try This Fall

Throughout the year, Greek appetizers are adjusted to match the available ingredients. It can range from different vegetable dishes, warm versus cold dishes, and much more. Going into the fall, meat appetizers are popular, including pork bites and meatballs, as well as different seasonal sauces. Of course, some dishes like tzatziki, gyros, and hummus never get out of style. 


These are some of the most popular mezes of Greece:



Pantzarosalata is a very popular greek meze for the cooler months. It is a very healthy and tasty spread that is best enjoyed with some broiled bread or pittas. The vinegar and the yogurt pair amazingly with the olive oil and the garlic, and the color of the beets makes this dish stand out.



Another great option to start off your meal is Spetzofai. This is definitely one of the best Greek starters. It’s a unique combination of slowly cooked peppers and horiatiko sausages with tomatoes, onion, and olive oil. You can also use Italian sausages or Kielbasa if you can’t find any Greek horiatiko sausage. Make sure you have a lot of crusty bread for the delicious sauce. 



Skordalia is a humble spread that is almost always present when batter-fried fish is on the table. The combination can’t be beaten. This sauce itself is made from garlic and potatoes – who wouldn’t love it! You can use this as a side for horta, another popular greek dish, or for salads made with legumes. You can also always enjoy Skordalia on its own, with some toasted bread or pitas.



Lastly, keftedakia, popularly known as Greek meatballs, is a popular meze dish for Greek family gatherings and dinners. With Greek herbs and seasonings, these are flavorful meatballs one can enjoy on their own, without the need for a sauce or gravy. A salad and a few of these meatballs can also constitute a hearty, satisfying meal. They can’t be missed. 


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