Greek Independence Day: Where To Celebrate in Boston

Greek Independence Day, a national holiday, was celebrated among Greek communities on March 25. It commemorates the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821. Greece had been part of the Ottoman Empire since 1453, and the revolt was precipitated on March 25, 1821, when Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the flag of revolution over the Monastery of Agia Lavra in the Peloponnese. 

In Greece, the holiday is celebrated with patriotic speeches, parades, and even military demonstrations. Across Greece, there are parades, most typically organized by schools, where children march with the Greek flag dressed in traditional customs. Although this doesn’t happen in the US for Greek Independence Day, there are some fun ways for you to celebrate in Boston, MA this year. 

Get Lunch at Saloniki Greek in Boston, MA

Are you looking to celebrate Greek Independence Day this year, but are not sure where to go? Look no further. At Saloniki Greek, we have three locations throughout Boston offering authentic Greek cuisine options to help you celebrate. What better place to celebrate this Greek holiday than celebrating with Saloniki. We’ve sought to bring the flavor and quality of the Greek kitchen to the US. Saloniki is built on the concept of “philoxenia”—legendary Greek hospitality.

Spend the Evening at TRADE in Boston, MA 

Want to spend a night out in Boston, MA? Make reservations for dinner at TRADE, or walk in and grab a seat at the bar! Since opening its doors in 2011, TRADE had a very simple and effective approach – great atmosphere, great service, and great food. TRADE is all about the exchange of hospitality, food, ideas, and memories. The unique space gently transports you to the Mediterranean with ease and comfort – what better place to spend Greek Independence Day! 

Plan and Host an Event In Boston, MA 

Looking to do something a bit grander to celebrate this holiday, or even just looking to plan a fun Greek-inspired event? At Saloniki Greek, we have different event options for you. We can match the vision that you want for your event. Contact us today to learn about hosting your next private or semi-private event at Saloniki Greek, or hire us for catering! We offer guests an authentic Greek experience complete with custom menu selections, and easy planning with our dedicated in-house event & catering manager. Call us at 617-714-5152 to get started.

Visit Saloniki Greek in Boston, MA Today

Bring Greece to you this year for Greek Independence Day. Visit one of our Saloniki Greek locations for authentic Greek cuisine! You can find philoxenia close to home at Saloniki Greek. We strive to bring feelings of community and culture to each location, allowing you to feel right at home whichever you choose to visit. With locations at Fenway, Harvard, and MIT / Central Square, you can really find us anywhere!