It’s Officially Summer: Refresh With These Greek Dishes!

There are many authentic Greek restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores throughout Boston, MA, but nothing compares to Saloniki Greek fast-casual. Visit any of our locations across the city – Fenway, MIT, Harvard, and soon Newbury St. and Beacon Hill – you can find us anywhere!

Now that it is officially summer, there is nothing like a refreshing Greek meal and cocktail on the go to help cool you down. Check out some of our favorite dishes and cocktails for you to try this summer. 


Refresh with Greek Desserts

At Saloniki Greek, we have delicious desserts that put a twist on classic Greek dishes – like our baklava crisps and frozen Greek yogurt. You can find anything to match your palette with plenty of different flavors available. View some of our favorites here: 

Baklava Crisps: We bring a unique twist to this traditional pastry. With our baklava crisps, you can have a quick sweet and savory snack on the go.

Frozen Greek Yogurt: Our frozen Greek yogurt is the perfect treat on a hot and humid summer day. Indulge in one of our flavors: Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Sour Cherry, Nutella & Baklava, or Caramel & Pistachio.

Greek Donuts: Another classic option, our loukoumades come in crispy feta & spicy honey, honey & cinnamon, sour cherry, Nutella & baklava, caramel & pistachio, or yogurt & lemon curd.


Greek Salads at Saloniki

Before indulging in one of our famous Greek desserts, try one of our refreshing salads to cool you down. Here are some of our favorite options: 

Mt. Olympus Salad: Consists of grilled chicken with Greek spices, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions, Greek olives, capers, and peppers and topped with feta. 

Mykonos Salad: With vegetarian zucchini-feta patties, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions, Greek olives, capers, peppers, and, as always, topped with feta – this salad can’t be beaten! 


Refreshing Cocktails at the Havard Location 

At our Harvard location only, we provide on-the-go cocktails for you and your friends. After a long day in the office, visit us for some Greek cuisine and cocktails so you can bring Greece into your living room. Here are the options we have; visit us today to try them: 

  • Mykonos: Reposado tequila, lemon, peach, and Thai chili
  • Rita-Ritaki: Tequila, tsipouro, lime, and honey
  • Saloniki Daiquiri: White rum, lime, simple syrup, and bitters
  • Santorini Sangria: Red wine, sour cherry, and a Greek spice mix


Visit Saloniki Greek Today! 

At Saloniki, we want to create beautiful experiences and lasting memories for our guests. Chef Jody Adams, working with partners Eric Papachristos and John Mendez, built these new, innovative concepts in Mediterranean dining. Saloniki will add two more outlets in 2022, as stated above. The addition of these two sites brings the total to 5 Saloniki restaurants in the Boston and Cambridge areas. Saloniki Greek will transport you; visit us today!