Saloniki Greek MIT/Central Location

Six Years of Saloniki Greek: Our Favorite Moments

On March 16, we celebrated the six-year anniversary of Saloniki Greek in Boston, MA! Saloniki is our tribute to the humble Greek sandwich shop. We’ve sought to bring the flavor and quality of the Greek kitchen to the United States. Saloniki is built on the concept of “philoxenia”—legendary Greek hospitality. At Saloniki, our aim is to create wonderful experiences and lasting memories for our guests. In honor of our six-year anniversary, here are a few of our favorite moments from over the years. 


2016: Saloniki Greek Opens in Fenway

The first location of Saloniki Greek was opened in 2016. Jody Adams (James Beard award-winning chef), working with partners Eric Papachristos and John Mendez, built these new, innovative concepts in Mediterranean dining. They opened the first of three Saloniki restaurants in 2016, offering fast-casual, locally sourced, scratch-made food, as well as the restaurants Porto and Trade. Read more here! 


2017: Saloniki Greek Opens Second Location in Central Square / MIT

Saloniki’s second location opened up in Central Square, near the campus, in 2017. Saloniki’s menu and name are inspired by owner Eric Papachristos’ hometown in Greece — Thessaloniki. The team had thoughts of expansion early on, and this location, nestled in the heart of Cambridge, was too wonderful to pass up. Like the Fenway location, Saloniki Cambridge features photographs of Greece taken by Jody Adams’ husband, Ken Rivard, and the space has a bright white-and-blue color scheme. There is also a partnership with Barrington Coffee Roasters, unique to this location. Read more here! 


2018: Harvard Square Flagship Location Options in 2018 

The Saloniki team has dubbed the Harvard Square location its flagship; a place to test new menu items. It features cocktails, beer, wine, and even breakfast options. Boston chef Jody Adams partnered once again with Eric Papachristos and Jonathan Mendez to create this third unique location. The Harvard Square restaurant acts as a test kitchen for all locations, with culinary manager Pantazis Deligiannis, also from Thessaloniki, in charge. Read more here! 


2019: Featured on GBH Dining Out

In September 2019, Saloniki Greek was featured on GBH’s segment “Dining Out,” as one of the best restaurants in the Fenway-Kenmore area. Fast-casual restaurants are a necessity in our fast-paced city, and Saloniki Greek knows how to keep up. Saloniki Greek serves up Grecian-inspired hospitality and dishes using local ingredients, curated by Chef Jody Adams. The combination adds up to a delightful modern dining experience. Read the full story here!


2022: Saloniki Greek Plans To Open 2 New Boston Locations 

Saloniki will add two more outlets this spring. The first new location will open on Newbury Street and will feature a takeout window – great for getting some fro-yo or a quick bite. CEO Eric
Papachristos said of this location, “That part of Newbury is more laid back, with lots of students. It’s perfect for [Saloniki].”

The second location will be on Beacon Hill. The addition of these 2
sites bring the total to 5 Saloniki restaurants in the Boston and Cambridge areas. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on the new location updates!
Read the full story here.