The Best Boston, MA Activities This Summer

It is officially the start of the summer season, and what better way to celebrate than indulging in Boston’s best activities for summer. With various options for all ages, summertime in Boston will let you take advantage of beautiful sunny days, warm nights, and the city’s excellent waterfront location. Boston offers the best variety of culture, art, sports, and nightlife. Keep reading to get some ideas! 


Visit A Local Open-Air Market

Start your summer day with a trip to any number of the farmers’ markets with pop-ups of vintage art and crafts and fresh fruits and vegetables. Copley Square and Jamaica Plain have all the new and locally grown produce that you will need. If you’d like something with more entertainment and shopping, the SoWa Boston open-air market or Union Square’s Bow Market are both great options, with delicious bites, boozes, and art!


Take Yourself To The Ballgame

Another fan favorite when visiting Boston this summer is visiting Fenway and treating yourself to a Red Soze game! Speaking of treating yourself, Saloniki Greek has a location in the Fenway area – indulge in some Greek cuisine after watching the game! The Fenway area has various activities; choose from Fenway’s Loretta’s, Lucky Strike, and Bleacher Bar! Spend a day walking around the area, and you’ll see just how fun the Fenway area can be! 


Escape the Summer Heat

We are prepared for extreme heat and humidity this summer, so start planning accordingly! Escape the summer heat by heading to a beach along the coast of Boston. Although these beaches don’t compare to the gorgeous sandy expanses of Cape Cod and the rugged beauty of Gloucester, you can reach them in less than an hour on public transportation from Boston, so you can’t beat the convenience. You’ll find a lot to love here if you want a place to swim, build a sandcastle, and soak up some sun without leaving the city.


Indulge in Greek Cuisine at Saloniki 

At Saloniki, we want to create beautiful experiences and lasting memories for our guests. The first location of Saloniki Greek was opened in 2016 in Fenway, when Chef Jody Adams, working with partners Eric Papachristos and John Mendez, built these new, innovative concepts in Mediterranean dining. Saloniki’s second location opened up in Central Square, near the MIT campus, in 2017. Lastly, Saloniki Greek dubbed the Harvard Square location as its flagship, featuring cocktails, beer, wine, and even breakfast options! 

Saloniki will add two more outlets in 2022. The first new location will open on Newbury Street and feature a takeout window – great for getting some fro-yo or a quick bite. The second location will be on Beacon Hill. The addition of these two sites brings the total to 5 Saloniki restaurants in the Boston and Cambridge areas. Saloniki Greek can’t be beaten; visit us today!