The Best Greek Desserts To Try This Fall

In Greece, foods that we see as seasonal, such as walnuts and apples, grow abundantly year-round. Even more traditional foods such as butternut squash and pumpkins grow in certain regions. Therefore, as can be expected these foods made their way into dessert recipes throughout the country. Keep reading below for a list of our favorite Greek desserts and how to get your hands on them in Boston!


Baklava is one of the most popular and more traditional desserts for many Greek families. Made from a phyllo crust, baklava contains a mixture of sweetened nuts with syrup, coated in butter or oil. It can include a variety of different fillings, but those are typically the base ingredients. At Saloniki, we bring a unique twist to this traditional pastry. With our baklava crisps, you can have a quick sweet and savory snack on the go to help connect you with the Greek culture.


Milopita is a Greek-style apple pie, enjoyed as a breakfast treat, pastry with coffee, or an evening dessert. This delicious delicacy can be eaten with greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream or can be enjoyed as is. Do you have apples lying around from the apple picking season and want to try a different dessert? Milopita recipes are easy and quick to make and can bring a unique flavor to your kitchen this fall!


Our third favorite Greek dessert that you should try this fall is the classic Greek donut. With a variety of different flavors and toppings to choose from, these donuts require a taste test. At Saloniki, Chef Jody Adams brought 4 unique flavors to the stores: honey & cinnamon, sour cherry, Nutella & baklava, or caramel & pistachio. Visit one of our locations in Fenway, Harvard, or Central Square, or try and cook some from start to finish!

For more Greek food ideas, follow us on social media and stay up to date with our blog posts. At Saloniki Greek, Greece has always been our inspiration, which means bringing farm-to-table to Boston. If the guy down the road from you makes the best feta cheese you’ve ever tasted, why would you go anywhere else? At Saloniki, we select our vendors carefully, and we stay as local as possible. We look for the best food produced with best practices. And if we can’t find something essential that’s up to our standards, we make it ourselves. Visit one of our three locations today, or follow us on social media!