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Traditional Greek Meats to Try

Many people want to spend holidays in Greece. This country offers many unique qualities you won’t find in any other country. Every place is famous for something, a landmark, cuisines, cultural diversity, etc. Greece has everything and more. 


When you visit Greece, you will find it contains anything you need to have a good time. It’s especially renowned for its food and cuisines of every region. Many traditional Greece dishes have a variety of ways to cook them. Some of the most adored Greek meats are as follows:



It’s a dish that looks as delicious as it tastes. Many variations of moussaka are seen all over the Balkans and the Mediterranean, making it a famous dish all year round. However, the classic oven-bake variation of Greece is considered tastier. 


This spectacular meat dish consists of minced lamb, sautéed aubergine, onion, garlic, fried pureed tomato, and spices like allspice and cinnamon. Additionally, a little bit of potato is the last ingredient before a creamy topping (cheese and béchamel sauce) covers the entire dish.

For vegan lovers, there is also vegan moussaka. It’s another healthy variation of this dish with a straightforward plant-based ragu.


Grilled Meat

Grilled meat is a classic dish served in almost every country, but few can do it as Greeks do it. They are experts in creating grilled meat with the perfect balance of smokiness and juiciness. Often when an inexperienced cook tries to make grilled meat, they end up making it stiff, or there needs to be more of that charcoal-grilled taste. 


Souvlaki, pieces of skewered pork, is a favorite fast food in Greece. It’s served on chopped onion and tomatoes in pita bread alongside tzatziki. Another popular way to serve grilled meat is Gyros; they are widely made with pork or chicken, but some restaurants also offer them lamb meat and mutton.



Dolmades are a famous Greek meat dish. Each household in Greece is familiar with making dolmades. As a result, new variations of this dish were created. Classic ways of making dolmades are seen in restaurants and other luxury food shops. It essentially means they are made in a vine leaf package, or there are hollowed-out vegetables (e.g., zucchini, tomatoes, or peppers) filled and then over-baked instead of being cooked. 


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