baklava spread in different shapes and sizes

Where to Find Authentic Baklava in Boston MA

Did you know that Baklava is one of the most common desserts across Greek and Mediterranean communities? Early stages of Baklava were found in what is now known as Istanbul. Greek merchants came across Baklava while traveling to Mesopotamia – it was so delicious it encouraged them to bring the recipe back to the city of Athens. Keep reading below to learn more about Baklava and where to find it in Boston, MA.

History of Baklava

The word Baklava entered the English language in the 1600s, although the word’s origin is constantly being debated. The method to make baklava varies, but the Greeks’ significant contribution to the recipe is the dough technique that makes it possible to roll into a thin layer. Other regions use a more rough, bread-like dough. The name “Phyllo” was coined by Greeks and means “leaf” in Greek – many places refer to the baklava crust as phyllo.

The Baklava that we consume today was perfected during the Ottoman Empire. Many kitchens throughout the palace became culinary hotspots for baklava recipes. Till the 19th century, Baklava was seen as a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. But in time, it grew into a dessert that common people could bake for occasions and gatherings. Now, you can find Baklava at your local cafe or grocery store.

Where to Find Baklava in Boston, MA

Baklava is one of the most popular desserts for most Greek and Mediterranean families. At Saloniki, we bring a unique twist to this traditional pastry. With our baklava crisps, you can have a quick sweet and savory snack on the go to help connect you with the Greek culture. At TRADE on Atlantic Ave. in Boston, MA, they serve a delicious Baklava-Yogurt Napoleon style – this includes cherry compote, Verrill farm berries, and is topped with pistachios for the authentic baklava taste.

There are plenty of authentic Greek restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores throughout Boston, MA, where you can find Baklava in different shapes and sizes. At Saloniki, we bring farm-to-table to Boston.

We select our vendors here in Boston, MA, and we stay as local as possible. We look for the best food produced with best practices. And if we can’t find something essential that’s up to our standards, we make it ourselves. Visit one of our three locations today, or follow us on social media!